TraderEvolution Launches Web-based Mobile Platform for Unrivalled Market Access

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TraderEvolution, a prominent player in the multi-market and multi-asset trading platforms industry, has unveiled a groundbreaking web-based platform for mobile devices, marking another significant stride in its mission to empower brokerages.

The company’s ethos is grounded in fostering greater autonomy for brokerages, equipping them with the tools needed to break free from monopolistic constraints that have historically hindered their product development capabilities.

Revolutionising this landscape, TraderEvolution offers a comprehensive software suite that addresses many of the challenges brokers face amidst intense market competition.

Key Features of the New Platform

  • Direct access to global markets: The web-based platform provides traders with a fresh channel to access worldwide markets directly from their smartphone browsers. This eliminates the need to download native apps onto their devices.

  • Increased independence and efficiency for electronic brokerages: The launch of the web-based mobile trading environment echoes TraderEvolution’s commitment to helping brokerages become more autonomous and efficient. This provides immense value to businesses, particularly those offering white label services.

  • Expansion of reach: The new web-based mobile application enables brokerages to broaden their influence in an increasingly mobile-centric world. It ensures consistent availability globally due to its independence from mobile app marketplaces and catalogues. It also allows firms to establish multiple branded mobile interfaces connected to a common backend system, thereby promoting and safeguarding their business.

  • State-of-the-art functionalities: The platform leverages advanced web technologies to deliver an experience akin to native app usage. Users can enjoy most core features for navigating the trading environment and interacting with global markets seamlessly.

Roman Nalivayko, CEO of TraderEvolution Global, highlighted the significance of the new platform. He said:

“TraderEvolution developed this web-based mobile platform to ensure financial institutions, brokers, and wealth managers offering the TraderEvolution multi-asset platform maintain full control over the mobile application’s distribution to their clients. Our aim is to enable brokerages to engage their clients seamlessly, offer access to a wide array of global markets, and ensure that modern web technologies provide a user experience similar to the native smartphone application.”

About TraderEvolution

TraderEvolution is a leading trading platform provider offering bespoke, modular solutions, including a comprehensive back office solution with established connectivities to a complete range of markets globally, and a complex front-end suite with web, mobile, and desktop applications. The company serves banks and brokers worldwide, equipping them with an independent, liquidity-neutral solution to facilitate core brokerage operations or complement their existing solutions.